Farm and Property Management Services

Working with a professional Farm and Property Manager is beneficial when you:

Prospective Farm Tenants
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  • Want to maximize your farmland returns and increase the value of your property
  • Are unfamiliar with current agricultural market conditions
  • Want to leverage local expertise in the agricultural industry
  • Are part of a multi-partner ownership structure
  • Seek to expand your network of potential farm operators
Martin, Goodrich & Waddell, Inc. provides a wide range of Farm and Property Management services.

Our Managers are committed to delivering outstanding value through clear communications, sound financial decisions, and solid performance in property operations. We’re veterans in Farm and Property Management who know that every property, and each property owner, is unique. Our team will tailor our services to meet your needs, and manage your property for consistent, optimum returns.

  • Maximize return on investment, working for the client to optimize their short and long term objectives
  • Maintain and enhance property value by managing soil conservation, fertility, and capital improvements
  • Select and collaborate with highly qualified and financially sound farm operators
  • Deliver a high level of service and care on each property through well qualified, personable managers
Benefits of working with MGW Farm and Property Managers:
  • Peace of Mind. You gain an experienced, trusted professional working for you and representing your interests in your farmland investment.
  • Increased Income. We maximize your income by optimizing leasing terms, capitalizing on market conditions, and improving productivity through long-term land enhancements.
  • Save Time. We relieve you of having to divert your time and attention from your busy schedule.
  • Increased Property Value. We help you maintain the value of your farm assets and your investment in productive improvements.

MGW provides a full range of Farm and Property Management services for farmland owners throughout the Midwest, Great Plains, and Mississippi Delta regions. Our managers are experienced working with many types of properties including:

  • Row crop, small grain, forage, and specialty crop farms
  • Farmsteads and building sites, including grain and livestock facilities
  • Commercial properties and warehouses
  • Share lease and custom farming interests
  • Direct farming operations
  • Irrigated and dry land properties
  • Timber and hunting licensing and leasing

Thank you for considering Martin, Goodrich & Waddell, Inc. We invite you to contact us for further information.