MGW Appraisal Services, Inc.

MGW Appraisal Services, Inc. provides high quality appraisal services across a broad range of real estate and agribusinesses. Our customers include individuals and family farm operations as well as lenders, attorneys, trust departments and corporations.

Consider contacting MGW Appraisal Services if you are considering the following:
  • Buying, selling, trading or dividing real estate
  • Arranging financing
  • Planning or settling an estate
  • Determining inheritance, estate, or gift taxes
  • Comparing real estate with other types of investments
MGW Appraisal Services provides a wide range of appraisals.

The purpose of your appraisal makes a difference in the amount of detail provided. For example, an appraisal prepared for an estate settlement issue requires more in-depth analysis than a simple report prepared for lenders in regard to a basic land purchase.

However, all our appraisals have a common standard – they will be completed under the direction of a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser in the appropriate state.

All appraisals will meet requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). USPAP is a very flexible tool that allows our Appraiser to meet your needs without performing unnecessary analysis and reporting. In all cases, we provide a reliable, timely report based on knowledge of the property, comparable sales in the current market, and your appraisal purpose.

The primary reporting tool used for our rural property appraisals is the Uniform Agricultural Appraisal Report (UAAR). This appraisal report form provides the flexibility to report a wide range of analysis types. It’s readily understood and accepted by lenders, tax authorities and attorneys.

Types of property we appraise:
  • Bare Land: agricultural, recreational and all types of transitional and development land
  • Commercial Property: including warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Rural Properties: including farmettes and hobby farms
  • Agribusinesses: hog facilities, cattle farms, grain elevators, feed mills and fertilizer plants
  • Residential Properties: multi-family apartment complexes, condominiums and single family residences
  • Specialty and Corporate: partial interests in real estate, wind and cell tower leases, 2032A special use appraisals, LLCs and partnerships