The Leroy Center Farm

Price: $7,900 per acre
County: Boone

Contact Details
Jeff Waddell/Josh Waddell
Mobile: 815-751-0501
Phone: 815-756-3606

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Property Details

The subject farm is located approximately 51 miles northwest of Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Nearby towns include: Capron (1 mile southeast), Poplar Grove (3 miles southwest), and Harvard (6 1/4 miles east).
There is approximately 1/2 mile of road frontage on Leroy Center Road.
major highways
Illinois Route 173 is 1 1/4 miles southeast, Illinois Route 76 is 4 miles west, U.S. Route 14 is 7 3/4 miles east, and Interstate 39/90 is 10 3/4 miles west.
legal description
A brief legal description indicates The Leroy Center Farm is located in Part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 33, Township 46 North - Range 4 East (Leroy Township) and Part of the Northeast Quarter of Section 4, Township 45 North - Range 4 East (Boone Township), all in Boone County, Illinois.
total acres
There are a total of 205.83 acres, more or less, according to the Boone County Assessor's Office.
tillable acres
There are 202.18 tillable acres according to the Boone County FSA.
soil types
Major soil types found on this farm include: Kendall silt loam, Atterberry silt loam, and Selma loam.
The topography of the subject farm is level to nearly level.
location climate growing season
Boone County has a continental climate typical of north-central Illinois. The average length of the growing season is nearly 160 days. On average we expect about 2,750 growing degree days from April 15 through September 30. Annual precipitation averages about 35" with over 2/3 of this coming during the growing season. Snowfall averages about 36" per year. Prevailing winds are from the west and southwest. The climate, combined with the generally excellent soils in this area, provides a nearly ideal environment for the production of corn, wheat and soybeans.
mineral rights
All mineral rights owned by the seller will be transferred in their entirety to the new owner.
Possession will be given at closing, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in a purchase contract
price terms
The asking price is $7,900 per acre. The owners are seeking a cash sale. A 10% earnest money deposit should accompany any offer to purchase.
Mortgage financing is available from several sources. Names and addresses will be provided upon request.
The 2014 taxes totaled $5,105.00. The tax parcel numbers are: #02-33-400-002, #02-33-400-009, #02-33-400-010, #02-33-400-011, #02-33-400-012, and #04-04-200-003.
grain markets
There are a number of grain markets located within 15 miles of The Leroy Center Farm.
The Leroy Center Farm is zoned A-1, Agriculture District.
Top quality farm in an excellent location, just 51 miles from O'Hare International Airport.

Soils Information

Soil # Soil Name Acres +/- Productivity Index* Weighted Average Corn Yield Index* Gross Bushels
242AKendall silt loam74.7912517212,864
61AAtterberry silt loam31.231321825,684
125ASelma loam28.641291765,041
104AVirgil silt loam21.321321823,880
419BFlagg silt loam10.301181601,648
21BPecatonica silt loam8.911121521,354
278AStronghurst silt loam6.051251711,035
102ALa Hogue loam5.84121162946
243ASt. Charles silt loam5.75122168966
199BPlano silt loam4.21141192808
243BSt. Charles silt loam3.39121166563
68ASable silty clay loam1.76143192338
Total Acres : 205.83 acres, more or less
Tillable Acres : 202.19 acres, or 98.23% per FSA figures
Productivity Index : 126.68
Weighted Average Corn Yield Index : 173.73 bushels per acre, based on tillable acres
Comparable Yield Index : 170.66 bushels per acre, based on total acres

Disclaimer: Although the information contained in this brochure is considered to be accurate, no representation or warranty to that effect is being made. The information contained herein is subject to verification, and no liability for errors or omissions is assumed. The listing may be withdrawn with or without notice, and the stated price and terms are subject to change without notice or approval. The Seller further reserves the right to reject any and all offers. All inquiries, inspection appointments, and offers must be channeled through the Seller’s Designated Agent.

*Figures taken from the University of Illinois Bulletin 811, Optimum Crop Productivity Ratings for Illinois Soils.

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