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The Windjammer Property
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Price : $2,400,000
County: Lee

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Contact Details -
Mark T. Mommsen  (Agent)
Phone: 815-756-3606
Mobile:  815-901-4269

Property Details
Location: The Windjammer Property is located 3.9 miles south of Pine Island Road.
Frontage: The property is intersected by Turtle Trail Lane.
Total Acres: There are approximately 57.016 acres, more or less.
Mineral Rights: The buyer will receive and the seller will convey all mineral rights that the seller owns relating to the property.
Financing: Mortgage financing is available from several sources. Names and addresses will be provided upon request.
Taxes: The 2015 real estate taxes totaled $37,943.88. The STRAP numbers are: 15-45-22-00-00001.4020 15-45-22-00-00001.4030 15-45-22-00-00001.4040 15-45-22-00-00001.4050 15-45-22-00-00001.4060 15-45-22-00-00001.4070 15-45-22-00-00001.4080 15-45-22-00-00001.4090 15-45-22-00-00001.4100
Zoning: The Windjammer Property is zoned RM-2, Residential Multi-Family.
Comments: Approved development for 142 single family homes. Retention ponds and storm system installed, including all piping, outflow structures, perimeter berm and swale.
Soils Information
Soil # Soil Name Approx Acres
    Total: 0

TOTAL ACRES - 57.0 acres, more or less
TILLABLE ACRES - 0.0 acres, or 0.0% per FSA figures

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